Features and Benefits


Warranted in wind conditions up to 155 mph. 25 Year, Category 5 Warranty.


Product Use

TerminEdge EX low profile fascia systems are designed for use with fully adhered or mechanically attached single-ply roof membranes.

  • Extruded aluminum retainer with self-locating pre-punched slotted holes helps to reduce installation time.
  • Extruded retainers are available in five standard sizes: 3.75-in., 5.25-in., 6.75-in., 8.25-in., and 11.25-in for one to six nailer coverage.
  • ANSI/SPRI/FM-4435 ES-1 Tested
  • FM Approved
  • Miami-Dade County Approved
Packaging Information
All sizes available in prefinished 22 and 24 gauge galvanized steel; .050”, .063” aluminum; 22 gauge Stainless Steel
Packaging Information
Standard Parts Face Height (in) Nailers* Covered
TEX 375 3.75 1
TEX 525 5.25 2
TEX 675 6.75 3
TEX 825 8.25 4
TEX 1125 11.25 6

Wind Calculator

Please note that these calculations are based on U.S. measurements and roofing practices, and may not be sufficient or applicable for use outside of North America.